Inefficiency From An Air Conditioner: The Cause & Cost To Get A New System

Do you have to leave the air conditioner on a while before a sufficient amount of cold air kicks in? Rather than running up your energy bill, you may want to get the air conditioner inspected to see if a repair or replacement is needed. Find out below what can cause an air conditioner to have problems with efficiency.

What Can Cause Inefficiency from an Air Conditioner?

The most common thing that can lead to poor cold air production from an air conditioner is problems with the evaporator coil. What happens is the system coolant travels through the evaporator coil so it can be transformed into gas. The gas is cold and causes the metal coil to become cold as well. Warm air is able to be cooled down when passing through the cold evaporator coil. Cracks or dirt on the coil can interfere with how efficient your air conditioner is, which can require leaving the system on long before a comfortable temperature is reached.

An old heat pump can also lead to less air coming from the air conditioner. The heat pump plays a role in the efficiency of your air conditioner because it exchanges interior warm air for exterior cool air after the evaporator coil does its job. A heat pump can become dirty and simply need a professional cleaning. However, sometimes the pump needs to be replaced if you have an old air conditioning system. Investing in a new air conditioner altogether may be something that you should consider if yours is old.

What Does a New Air Conditioning System Cost?

Don't replace your air conditioning system until you have had it inspected by a specialist to see if repairs can be made. However, if you need a new system, you can expect to pay up to $10,000 for it. The price of the system will depend on if any of the old parts, such as the air ducts, still work. The size of the home the system is being installed in will also have an effect on the price.

You don't have to run your system long when you need cool air fast if you have a fully functional air conditioning system. The key to efficiency is making sure proper repairs are made. If the system is damaged beyond repair, contact an air conditioning service and repair company to install a new HVAC system for you!