How To Get A Good Glass Of Water At Home From The Tap

If you avoid drinking water out of your kitchen faucet because of the smell, taste or accumulation of minerals, add a filtration system. You can put in the basic designs yourself. More sophisticated models that filter out more things can be installed by a local plumbing company. Some filtration systems also double as water softeners. Here are your options for always having a fresh drink of water from your kitchen faucet.

Activated Carbon Filters

The water flows through a small chamber filled with carbon granules. The carbon pulls chlorine and some pesticides out of the water. You can find small models that screw onto the faucet. Larger models sit underneath the sink and connect to the water lines to filter the water before it gets to the faucet. Carbon filters are also used in combination with other filtration methods. The carbon must be replaced periodically to maintain effective filtration.

Ceramic Water Filters

This filter forces the water through the small pores in the ceramic material to collect particles larger than the pores. Ceramic can filter out parasites and heavy minerals, but not chlorine or pesticides. This filter is often used with a carbon filter. You can install your own ceramic filter if you choose a small model that fits under the sink. You may prefer to have a plumber install the larger model and connect it to your household water pipes so you get the filtered water everywhere. Slight softening of the water occurs because some minerals are removed from the water. You'll need to disassemble the filter regularly to clean the ceramic and unclog the pores.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Filters

Water travels around UV light tubes which can kill harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, and some viruses. This system needs to be installed by a plumber and may be combined with a physical filter, such as a ceramic filter, and a chemical filter, such as carbon. With these three types of filtration in place, you can get rid of parasites, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. The UV tubes are long lasting but can be expensive to replace.

Copper and Zinc Filtration

This system consists of large cylinders containing copper and zinc through which your water travels before coming out of the faucet. These systems remove chlorine, heavy metals, parasites and bacteria. An additional carbon filter removes pesticides and other organic contaminates. This is a complex system that requires a plumbing service to install. Because this filter removes minerals from the water, your filtered water is also softened. An additional sodium-free water softening unit can be installed inline with the copper and zinc unit to provide a total filtration and softening solution to your home.

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