4 Primary Types Of Water Filtration Systems And How Water Testing Helps The Decision-Making Process

It goes without saying that you want to be able to drink clean water. Unfortunately, there are some contaminants that often remain in your home's water supply even after the city water has been treated for the removal of common contaminants. Even if your home relies on water from a well, there may still be contaminants that find their way into your water supply. Luckily, all of this can be remedied with a water test that can determine what contaminants are in your home's water supply. The test results will also help shed light on the most appropriate water treatment system out of the options listed below.

Water Softener

Some homes have hard water and don't have any issues. However, some people tend to have a reaction to the minerals that form the hard water. In some cases, hard water could result in the build-up of mineral deposits in the pipes, which can render them useless. A water softener can be installed to prevent all of this from happening.

Reverse Osmosis System

This type of water filtration system works to filter out a number of contaminants that are found in your household's water. The system consists of a membrane with incredibly small holes that will keep contaminants from passing through and only allowing water to go through.

Specialty Cartridges

Some homeowners may prefer to avoid a reverse osmosis system and instead use a simpler – but still effective – method of filtering the water. Specialty cartridges are able to filter the same contaminants, but they aren't nearly as complex. If you have a problem with a particular contaminant, you may want to opt for a specialty cartridge that is designed to target that specific impurity.

Chemical Feed Pump

This type of water filtration system is used with well water. It is capable of being designed so that it will specifically target minerals and bacteria that are present in your local area, such as iron or manganese.

If you're having trouble with your water or are concerned with what contaminants may be present in your water, it's time to have your water tested. There are at-home tests that can be purchased and utilized, but hiring a professional to conduct the test will likely produce more accurate results. Then, with the results from the water test, you and your plumber, like Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc, can determine the best water filtration system for your home, as it will vary depending upon the impurities found in your home's water supply.