Eliminating Odors with Drain and Septic Cleaning

If you're considering purchasing an older home with a septic tank, you want to have the system inspected before you buy the house. If you move into the home and find out that you need a new system after the house is purchased, it could cost you thousands of dollars.

A faulty septic system could be hazardous to your health and the planet, it can cause sanitation problems with the home, and it can back up around the house or leak into the yard to cause odors. Here are a few things you'll want to have the plumbers do when they come to look at the tank.


Have the company inspect all of the sewer lines going from the house to the septic tank to see if there are any pipe clogs or damages. The professionals should look at the septic tank to see if it needs to be emptied. They can also give an estimate as to how long until it needs to be emptied. They can also look for damages within the tank.

Estimate for Cleaning

Get an estimate to have all of the sewer pipes cleaned, to have the tank emptied, and to have the tank cleaned. This is going to reduce the chance of problems later on, and when the tank was emptied the professionals would get a better view of the condition of the tank. Cleanings will need to be performed regularly.

Cost for City Sewage

Was there no option to have the house connected to a city sewer line when the house was constructed? If there has been a lot of construction around you or the city has extended their piping, you may be able to get city sewage to the house now. Find out what the cost would be to have this change made, and see if it's worth the investment. Making this change would improve the value of your home and reduce the amount of maintenance required while you own the home.

If you know that the septic tank is old you want to make sure that it's safe, and that it can meet the demands of your family. If the tank was installed many years ago it may not have been constructed for a family as large as yours, and it may not be sufficient. Have a plumbing professional like Roto-Rooter come to inspect all of the sewer lines in the home, and to see if the septic tank is in good condition.