Make Sure Your Kitchen Plumbing Stays Functional

When the plumbing in your kitchen is not functioning properly, you need to find a way to fix the problem. The easiest options are to inspect and repair any issues you find. By doing this work, it will help you prevent further issues that could cause your kitchen's plumbing to fail over time.

Clear the Pipes

The pipes under your sinks are the main areas where you will find clogs. The bend in the kitchen sink line is one spot that collects food debris, dust and grim from cleaning supplies. To clear these lines, you want to unscrew them and remove any clogs you find.

Unfortunately, the clog can be further down the drain line, which will require additional tools to repair. A plastic plumber's snake has barbs on the sides, which will collect the debris from inside the pipes. You place the snake down into the pipe and slowly pull it out, which then pulls out the items clogging your sink.

If the snake does not work, you will need a plumber--like Joe Klosterman Plumbing. Most plumbers have a much larger version of the snake that also has a camera. With this tool, the plumber can remove clogs that are extremely far within your drainage line, which will help prevent your sink from continuously backing up due to the debris within the line.

Inspect Appliances Lines

If you are having issues with your ice machine or dishwasher, then the culprit may be the water or drain lines. Having a plumber inspect these lines can help eliminate some of the more common problems that plague these appliances.

Ice machines can leak water down the back of your refrigerator because the water line is loose or the drain line is clogged. In many cases, hard water causes a buildup of limescale within the lines, which will block the excess water from draining away. A plumber can inspect the lines and repair any damage such as replacing a line that is blocked by hard water buildup.

The drain line of a dishwasher is another area that clogs, especially if you do not have a screen for the line. The more food particles and soap scum that gets trapped within the line, the bigger the clog will become. A plumber can remove the clog and place a screen inside the drain line to help prevent this from being a common problem.

Making sure the plumbing throughout your kitchen works properly will take an inspection and some repairs when needed. The idea is to locate any potential problems before they damage the drain lines or appliances in your kitchen. For this purpose, it is best to work alongside a plumber, so they can monitor your plumbing and repair any issues in a timely manner.