How To Fix Your Garbage Disposal

You rely on your garbage disposal every single day, so when it stops working, it can cause quite a panic. However, with some basic tools and beginner's repairing skills, you can fix your garbage disposal without having to call a professional. Here are some tips for fixing your garbage disposal.

The Garbage Disposal Doesn't Turn On

If you flip the switch for your garbage disposal, and hear silence, then the problem is due to a tripped circuit breaker. If you hear a humming, the breaker isn't the problem. However, if the disposal is completely dead, you need to locate your home's electrical panel and reset the circuit breaker. If your garbage disposal has a local circuit breaker underneath the sink, then there will be a reset button. Otherwise, look for the right circuit breaker on your breaker panel and flip the switch up. This should solve the problem.

It Is Making a Humming Sound

If the garbage disposal doesn't run, but when you flip the switch you hear a humming sound, there is an obstruction. The flywheel of the garbage disposal is stuck somewhere, which is usually because something is stuck inside the garbage disposal. This is usually an easy fix. Turn the power off to the garbage disposal. Get an offset wrench and put the wrench into the hole that is underneath the unit. Turn it clockwise until you hear the flywheel dislodge whatever was stuck. You will be able to feel when it can turn freely.

The Disposal Is Draining Slowly

If your garbage disposal is working, but it is draining very slowly, then the problem isn't the disposal but a clogged drain line. You will need to use different methods for clearing the drain line. The best way to do this is by getting out a bucket and setting it underneath the pipe under the sink. You will need to remove the U-shaped pipe so that everything stuck in that drain spills out. Once you do that, you may need to find a tool to clean out anything that is caught near the top of the pipe. Once it is cleaned out, put the pipes back together.

There Is a Leak

When your garbage disposal is leaking, there could be a few different sources. It could be from the discharge drain pipe, sink flange, or the waste line and trap. It is best to call a plumber if you think a link is the problem, since it can be hard to locate the problem and fix it yourself. 

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