6 Problems A Water Filtration System Will Fix

If your water is less than desirable, you might want to invest in a home filtration system. Water purification systems do more than just soften your water. A home water filtration system will actually solve a lot of water problems you might be facing. Take a look at some of the water problems you could solve just by filtering the water that comes into your home.

White Flaky Deposits

If your water contains high levels of magnesium or calcium, you might notice a white flaky buildup on your shower heads and faucets. You might also notice that your soap doesn't lather as well as it should. This is because magnesium and calcium both work to make your water hard. With proper filtration, those compounds can be removed from your water.

Rust Formations

If you've noticed rust deposits around your drains or in your washing machine, your water probably has a high concentration of iron. Unfortunately, rust buildup can damage your bathtubs and washing machines. A home filtration system will remove the excess iron and protect your plumbing.

Rotten Egg Smell in Water

If you're tired of drinking water that smells like rotten eggs, it's probably time to remove the hydrogen sulfide from your water. Not only does hydrogen sulfide leave you turning your nose up at your drinking water, it also causes your silverware to tarnish. In some cases it will also discolor your water.

Foul-Tasting Water

If your drinking water suddenly tastes like algae and is looking a little yellow, you may have a problem with algae growth. Algae in your water can lead to health problems such as rashes, sore throats and congestion. High dose exposure to algae can be fatal. A filtration system installed in your home will remove algae from your drinking water.

Cloudy or Dirty Water

If your water looks dirty or cloudy, it's probably filled with particles like silt, sand, mud and other organic matter. You don't want to drink dirt or organic matter. A filtration system will remove all the particulate matter that's in your water.

Unexplained Illnesses

If you or your family members are suddenly suffering from unexplained illnesses such as diarrhea, nausea or cramps, you should have your water tested as soon as possible. It may contain bacteria that is making you sick. Coliform, which comes from human and animal waste, is often found in municipal water and can cause chronic diarrhea, dysentery and hepatitis.

You want the water that your family drinks to be pure. If you've experienced any of the problems listed above, you should consider having a filtration system installed in your home.