What’s Causing Low Water Pressure In Your Faucets?

You know that situation. You turn on the tap to do the dishes or the shower head to take a shower and you only get a weak trickle of water -- hardly enough to rinse, let alone clean, anything. Or, you may hear a high-pitched whistle when you turn on the water. Low water pressure can be caused by a number of issues, some of which you can even fix yourself.

Five reasons you may have low water pressure

1. You have a water leak. The most common reason for low water pressure is a leak somewhere in the system. It just makes sense that if water is being diverted from the main water supply, you'll have less available to come out of the faucets.

2. You've left a tap running. Another common reason for low water pressure is when you've left a tap running, such as when you're watering the yard. Before you run to call a plumber, make sure that all of your faucets are completely turned off.

3. There are mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time, minerals in the water can adhere to your pipes, making it more difficult for the water to flow from the source to your household water faucets. This is especially true in rural areas, where households use a well for their water supply. Adding a softener to the water is one good way to help solve this problem.

4. You have too many simultaneous demands for water. If you have a large household, you know that too many people using your water supply at the same time can reduce the amount of water available at each faucet dramatically. Before you assume that you have a water supply problem, check to see if someone is washing dishes, another doing laundry and someone else trying to water the lawn all simultaneously.

5. The city water supply is having a problem. Sometimes, the reason your water supply is trickling, rather than flowing, stems from the city's water system, not a household problem. The city may have a burst or frozen pipe that's impeding the water delivery system.

Low water pressure can be annoying and inconvenient. If you are experiencing this situation, be sure to check that all of the faucets are turned off and inspect your system for obvious leaks. If you can't find the source of the problem, it's time to call your local plumber, such as Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. He or she has the training and experience to track down the issue and get your water flowing smoothly again.