Important Information About Home Heating Methods

Have you recently purchased a new home? Have you now discovered that the heating system might be inadequate for your needs? Before the really cold weather sets in, now is the time to fix or upgrade your heating. Here are some different options you might be considering:

Gas furnace: A gas furnace installed by your local heating services company is often relatively inexpensive. Many homes in the US already have gas furnaces, so no additional work is needed to install a new one. Because it gives off instant heat, this type of heating may be better in colder climates than other types of heat. 

Heat pump: Heat pumps are very energy efficient, but may only be appropriate for some climates. If it gets too cold, a heat pump will no longer work. In that case, your local heating services company will need to have installed a backup heating system to use until the heat pump is again able to function. Because it needs a backup heat system in some climates, a heat pump can be more expensive to install than a gas furnace on its own. But the energy efficiency of a heat pump can help it to pay for itself over time through lowered utility bills. 

Wood burning stove: If your home is older, you might like the authentic look and feel of having a wood burning stove installed. While a wood burning stove may be good for heating just a few rooms, it may not work well if you have a larger house. The lack of airflow between your stove and the furthest areas of your home will mean that there are likely to always be cold spots, even while it feels stifling next to the stove itself. However, if you like the appearance of a wood burning stove, you can always use one in addition to more modern heating methods.

Fireplace: Instead of calling your heating services company to fix or replace your current heat system, you may be thinking about using your fireplace more frequently during the winter. After all, if a wood-burning stove is a good source of heat then a fireplace with a large fire must be even better, right? Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect. A fireplace is actually not a good way to heat your home. Although it may seem warm and cozy up next to the fireplace, the large chimney will draw heated air upward and outside, which will allow cold air to enter the rest of your home. Unlike a wood burning stove, a fireplace has relatively little radiant heat. A fireplace is best used for its looks and not as a sole heat source.

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