Steps To Take If The Water Supply Is Frozen In Your Home’s Bathroom

If water is barely coming out of your bathroom sink's faucet, the water supply may be frozen. Since ice expands and can place extreme pressure on plumbing materials, a pipe section in your bathroom can crack if it is not thawed promptly. The following steps will teach you how to safely heat up the pipe so that water flows freely through it. Once you have finished, insulate the pipe to protect the water supply from freezing again.


  • towel
  • tarp
  • heat lamp
  • hairdryer
  • measuring tape
  • foam insulation
  • scissors
  • thermal tape

Locate The Area That Is Frozen And Thaw It 

Turn on the bathroom sink's faucet. Visually and manually inspect the plumbing that leads to the sink. Touch each pipe section until you find an area that is colder than the other sections. Frost may be visible on the pipe section's exterior. Place a towel or tarp underneath the pipe to catch any water that drips as you are thawing out the plumbing.

Plug in a heat lamp that is located a few feet from the frozen area and point it directly towards the pipe section that you would like to heat up. Wait several minutes for the lamp to melt the water supply. Turn on a hairdryer and adjust it to a high setting. Move the hairdryer back and forth over and under the pipe to help speed up the melting process. Continue heating up the plumbing until water comes out of the faucet in a steady stream. Allow the water to run for several minutes before shutting off the faucet. 

Insulate The Plumbing

Measure the pipe section that was previously frozen. Cut a piece of foam insulation that is the same length. Wipe the pipe section off with a towel to eliminate any moisture that is on its exterior. Wrap the insulation around the pipe. Many types of foam insulation have a slit on one side of them and are preformed to wrap around pipes, making it simple to secure around the section of plumbing that is being treated.

Cut strips of thermal tape to cover the opening in the insulation. The insulation will help keep the pipe protected when the temperature is low. As an added precaution, turn the faucet on so that the water is slightly dripping when the temperature is supposed to dip below freezing. If you follow these tips, the water supply will not be likely to freeze again. To find out more, speak with a business like Brown Drain Service-The Original.