How To Keep Your Water Heater In Top Shape

A water heater is one of the most important appliances, but many homeowners do not appreciate it enough. If your water heater breaks down, you will not be able to take hot showers or do your dishes efficiently. Taking extra good care of this appliance can help you avoid costly repairs. Here is some advice on how to keep your water heater in top shape:

Flush Out the Sediment

If there is too much sediment on the bottom of your water heater tank, it can cause corrosion and make the appliance less efficient. Performing a flush once a year will clear out the sediment and protect your water heater. Shut the power off to the appliance and put a bucket under the drain valve. Then, turn the drain valve in a counterclockwise motion. Once you have drained the water, you can shut off the drain valve.

Do not Set the Temperature So High

When you first got your water heater, it was likely automatically set at 140 degrees. Keeping the temperature this high, however, can damage the tank and increase your energy bills. suggests turning down the temperature to 120 degrees.

Buy an Insulating Blanket

If your water heater has a few years on it, it may be helpful to wrap an insulating blanket around it. This blanket will prevent heat from escaping out of the tank, which will lower the demand on it.

Clear Clutter

Make sure clothes and other items are at least a few feet away from your water heater. If there is too much clutter surrounding your water heater, it will not get enough oxygen and could get damaged.

Get Your Water Heater Inspected Annually

No matter how old your water heater is, it is a wise idea to get it inspected by a plumber in Everett, WA once a year. A plumbing contractor will thoroughly inspect the tank and look for the smallest signs of damage. If the plumber finds an issue with your water heater, he can fix it right there and help you avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

Taking good care of your water heater does not have to be a complete hassle. If you follow these helpful tips, your water heater will remain in good shape for many more years. However, if the appliance starts making strange noises or takes too long to heat up water, you should call a plumber soon.