3 Things You Never Want To Put Down Your Drain

Your home is composed of a number of different components that all come together to make everything work properly. One of those components is your septic system. You depend on it to take the waste out of your home and store it in its tank until you have your system cleaned out. While many people think they can put just about anything they want down their drain, that isn't the case. You could end up destroying your system and creating all sorts of problems with your system by putting the wrong things down your drain. Here are three things you should refrain from putting down your drain.


Even if you think it might be okay to put bleach or other harsh chemicals down your drain, that isn't the case. These cleaners can actually end up killing off all of the good bacteria inside of your septic system. Without that good bacteria, your waste would pile up rather quickly and your tank would back up into your home. Your system needs that good bacteria to prevent having additional problems. That bacteria actually works to break down all of the food particles and other matter to help free up space in your tank. If you need to clean something around your home, opt for a green cleaning product.


Even though grease might start off as a liquid when you put it down the drain, it isn't going to stay that way. It will end up forming into a solid as it cools. When that happens, you end up with a large clog in the lines that will ultimately prevent anything else from being able to go through the pipes. This can create a number of problems for you and lead to your system backing up.


Many people think that since they have a garbage disposal they can put food down their drains. However, that isn't the case. Your disposal can only do so much to chop up that food before it is whisked out of your sink and down the drains. Instead of making your system work harder and putting more junk into your lines than needed, scrape all of the excess food out and put it into the garbage bag. A little food is one thing, but a whole bunch is completely different.

By not putting the three things above down your drain, you can save yourself time and hassle. To learn more, contact a company like AAA Septic Tank Service.