Need Portable Toilets For Your Next Gathering? 3 Things You Should Include

If you're going to be having a large gathering at your home and you don't have sufficient restroom facilities in your home, you'll need to rent a few portable toilets. By renting portable toilets, you'll eliminate the long lines at your own restrooms. Here are some additional items that will help keep your guests comfortable during the festivities.

Family Restrooms

Portable toilets can be difficult for parents of young children to use. The slim design makes it nearly impossible for parents to accompany their children into the unit. That's where the family restrooms come in. Family-sized portable toilets are built larger to accommodate more than one person at a time. Many of the family-friendly portable toilets come equipped with changing tables, and benches for you – or your child – to sit on. As an added benefit, they're also built large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, which is important if you have family members who are disabled.

Hand Washing Stations

If your guests are going to be spending the majority of their time outdoors, they'll need a place to wash their hands. This is particularly important if you'll be serving food. While you're making plans to rent your portable toilets, don't forget to add portable hand washing stations to the list of necessities. Portable hand washing stations come equipped with water tanks that are hidden inside. They also have soap and paper towel dispensers that will allow your guests to wash and dry their hands as often as necessary. If the station runs out of water, the tanks can be quickly refilled with an ordinary garden hose.

Air Fresheners

The smell that builds up inside a portable toilet may prevent your guests from using the facilities. That's where the air fresheners come in handy. When you're setting up the portable toilets, be sure to supply each unit with its own air fresheners. You can purchase air fresheners, or you can make your own natural fresheners.


Cinnamon is a quick and easy way to freshen up any bathroom. All you have to do is place several cinnamon sticks in a glass bowl and set it in the portable toilet unit. The cinnamon sticks will leave your toilets smelling fresh all day.

Lavender Spritz

If you prefer a fresh floral scent for your portable toilets, reach for the lavender essential oil. Fill a spray bottle with water and add several drops of lavender essential oil. Your guests can spritz the portable toilet each time they use it.

If you're planning a gathering at your home, don't forget about the portable toilets. They'll provide you with the additional space you need to keep your guests comfortable during the festivities.