What To Do If Your Toilet Sink Has A Leak

Toilet sinks provide homeowners with a way to save water while using the toilet by routing the water that normally flows into the toilet tank through a faucet first. But when something goes wrong with a toilet sink, it can pose problems for the entire toilet. If you've noticed that yours has developed a leak, here's what you're up against.

The Problem It Poses

Toilet sink leaks pose two distinct problems.

The first is that water is likely to get everywhere when you flush the toilet with a toilet sink leak. This can make a big mess of your bathroom and requires cleaning up so that it doesn't damage your flooring or walls.

To make matters worse, if your toilet sink is leaking, it may not be emptying all of its water into the drain, where it makes its way into the toilet tank. When this happens, you won't have as much water to flush the toilet with, which can lead to clogs and partial blockages.

Getting Help

If your toilet sink isn't working right, you need to call a plumber for help. Try to avoid using that toilet in the interim if you can help it, and keep wiping up any mess that it leaves behind if the toilet is used.

The Repair

Your plumber will get to work evaluating the problem right away. However, the leak could have sprung from a variety of places, like the faucet or the water lead-in. Your plumber will inspect everything to find the problem.

If it's an easy fix, your plumber will be able to patch up the faucet or sink itself so that it's no longer leaking. However, if it isn't a matter of something as simple as replacing a washer, replacing the faucet may be necessary.

Not all toilet sinks allow for new faucets to be swapped in, so your plumber will let you know what they plan to do. If a new faucet can't be put in its place, your plumber will likely recommend either switching back to a standard toilet tank lid and removing the sink entirely or replacing it with a new toilet sink.

Thankfully, toilet sinks are more popular than ever and sold in most home improvement stores, so your plumber will be able to acquire a new one and install it for you if that's what you choose to do.

A leaking toilet sink isn't going to fix itself, and the problem will only get worse over time. Get in touch with a plumber for assistance.

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