What Should You Do If You Smell Gas In The Kitchen?

Natural gas is quite useful, but it's also extremely dangerous. Thankfully, gas companies add a noxious smell to their natural gas supplies so that homeowners can immediately tell if there's gas somewhere in their home. If you're detecting gas in your kitchen and don't know what to do, follow these three steps carefully.

Make Sure the Stove Is Off

First things first: gas smells often come from the stove or oven in a kitchen. Are you absolutely sure that the stove and oven are completely off?

To be sure, check the knobs. Do not turn them on under any circumstances; if there's gas accumulating in your home, it could spark a major fire. Instead, just look at the knobs and make sure they're all set to the off position. You can try touching the front of your oven as well to see if it feels hot. If everything seems normal, move on to the next step.

Evacuate and Shut Down

Gas is extremely dangerous not only due to the fire hazard but because it can make people and pets sick. If the first step didn't solve your problem, grab your cellphone, your family, and any pets, and evacuate the house immediately. You shouldn't be breathing this stuff in for an extended period of time.

If you know how, shut off the gas supply to your house. This should stop the flow of gas inside your home; if your windows or doors are open, it should start to ventilate, reducing the risk to you and any repairman's health.

If you don't know how to shut down the gas, contact your gas company. They will usually come out and shut down the gas for free for everyone's safety.

Get Help

Once the gas is safely off, you're going to need to contact a pro to get this fixed. Typically, licensed plumbers who specialize in gas repair can help you with this.

Your plumber will arrive at your location and will inspect the gas hook-up to your oven and stovetop in your kitchen to see if there's a leak. If they find one, they can replace the flexible pipe and get you back on your feet in no time. However, if that's not the source of the leak, a more thorough examination will be required. Rest assured that your plumber will find the problem and fix it for you so that you can get back to your daily life.

If you need help with gas line repair, contact a plumber near you.