Important Reasons For Homeowners To Replace Their Galvanized Pipes

Do you own an older home? Do you know what kind of pipes your plumbing system uses? If your home was built in the, 1960s or before, your home may contain galvanized iron or steel pipes. Here are some reasons why you should replace those pipes as soon as possible: Lead exposure: Galvanized pipes can slowly corrode over time, allowing lead to possibly accumulate in your pipes. Galvanized pipes can continue to hold and release lead into your drinking water, long after any other source of lead has been removed. Read More 

Inefficiency From An Air Conditioner: The Cause & Cost To Get A New System

Do you have to leave the air conditioner on a while before a sufficient amount of cold air kicks in? Rather than running up your energy bill, you may want to get the air conditioner inspected to see if a repair or replacement is needed. Find out below what can cause an air conditioner to have problems with efficiency. What Can Cause Inefficiency from an Air Conditioner? The most common thing that can lead to poor cold air production from an air conditioner is problems with the evaporator coil. Read More